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EMSCULPT is the world’s first FDA-approved device to sculpt the body, and many regard it as the future of plastic surgery. It is the only non-invasive, non-surgical aesthetic treatment to build muscle and burn fat. It is efficient and effective for muscle development in areas such as in the abdomen and buttocks and takes very little time in comparison to rigorous exercises like cardio.

The process is currently the only one that can apply to both muscle and fat and is great for people who cannot use other body-shaping procedures as well as those looking for non-invasive butt lift alternatives. There are currently seven studies from different research teams across the United States that back the use of EMSCULPT.

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30min Treatment
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No Downtime
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Non Invasive
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The Role of Fat and Muscles in Aesthetic Appearance

The Role of Fat and Muscles in Aesthetic Appearance

Approximately 25% of human body composition comprises of fat, while muscle composition is 42% in male and 36% in female tissues. Subcutaneous fat correlates with the overall body shape, and its reduction can deliver a slimmer look.

Because of the general perception that treating fat is the best way to improve appearance, procedures focus solely on reducing or reshaping the fat content. The underlying muscles are often sidelined but are equally if not more important.

Refined muscle tone reduces localized prolapse/laxity and adds to a healthier aesthetic appearance, especially for the body contour. Current procedures must therefore also take muscle shaping into account to have a holistic approach to appearance lift.

HIFEM: The Technology behind EMSCULPT

High-Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic (HIFEM) field technology is a technology with the ability to induce supramaximal muscle contractions. HIFEM creates a rapidly changing magnetic field that can penetrate through the skin to impact fat and muscle tissues, creating electric currents in them. It essentially depolarizes neural membranes and governs motor units in the target muscles, causing concentric contractions.

In a typical EMSCULPT session, approximately 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions are induced, something that is not achievable by voluntary muscle action. Additionally, it affects only motor neurons that are activated, while other neurons or tissues are not responsive to the current, and therefore stay unaffected. The contractions are accompanied by a rapid metabolic reaction in fat cells to not only strengthen and build muscle, but also breakdown fat.

Before and After

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* Individual results may vary

What are Supramaximal Contractions?

Normally, the central nervous system can handle only one stimulus at a time. This means that during normal voluntary muscle contractions, muscle fibers have to relax between each nervous stimulus. EMSCULPT generates impulses that are independent of brain function, and at such a rapid frequency that doesn’t allow such a relaxation phase.

Under normal conditions, neurons have a threshold of high threshold that they can develop and retain physiologically, called maximal voluntary contraction (MVC). One MVC lasts only for a split second. Contractions with a tension higher than MVC are defined as supramaximal. EMSCULPT induces supramaximal contractions through its unique HIFEM technology and makes it possible for them to be held for multiple seconds. This significantly increases the physiologic stress/workload needed to allow muscles to adapt, enabling a high amount of permanent fat cell reduction (known as apoptosis) in a short amount of time.

Contractions Information
Muscle/Fat Contractions

The effects on muscle tissue

Because the muscle tissue is forced to adapt to supramaximal contractions, which are extreme, it responds with a deep remodelling of its inner structure. The myofibrils grow (muscular hypertrophy) and new protein strands and muscle fibres are created (muscle hyperplasia). The rise in muscle density and volume lead to a better definition and muscle tone.

Effects on Muscle Tissue

The effects on fat tissue

All tissues of the body, especially muscles, require energy. Muscles function by using it to produce contractions. This energy is derived primarily from the energy molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and secondarily from creatine phosphate and glycogen to fuel the muscles. When these reserves are no longer available, the body begins a series of reactions that breakdown other sources. These are called catabolic processes that take place in the different forms, one of which is lipolysis – i.e. the breakdown of lipids (triglycerides) into free fatty acids (FFA) and glycerol. These released molecules can then act as an alternative source for the needed muscle activity and body metabolism.

Effects on Fat Tissue

As mentioned already, and EMSCULPT treatment induces supramaximal contractions. During this, signals are sent to the brain stating that an extreme amount of energy is going to be needed to make these contractions possible and the release of epinephrine is acutely increased. Epinephrine signals fat cells to initiate lipolysis which is an extreme catabolic reaction that releases a high amount of free fatty acids (FFA). When the amount of released FFA exceed normal levels, they start accumulating within the surrounding adipocytes (fat cells) at extremely high levels that eventually lead to their dysfunction and death (apoptosis). The dead cells collapse and the body flushes them out naturally.

This catabolic and supramaximal lipolysis effect occurs mainly close to the contracting muscles, that have elevated adipose tissue blood flow and paracrine substances releases. The fact that oversaturation by FFA causes cell apoptosis has been previously observed and demonstrated in numerous research studies.

The EMSCULPT Butt Lift

The incredible, novel technology that EMSCULPT uses builds and sculpts muscles. Perhaps the most attractive and primary uses of the device’s HIFEM technology is for non-invasive butt lifts and toning of gluteal muscles.

A recent clinical case study outlined the safety and efficacy of this butt-lift technology and has had very positive results. The highlights from this study are presented below for your knowledge.

EMSCULPT Butt Lift Case Study 1

  • 75 patients were subjected to 4 bilateral treatments on their buttocks the results of which were evaluated a month later.
  • 85% of the EMSCULPT patients found a drastic enhancement of the physical look of their buttocks. Also, 79% had a burst of self-confidence due to this change.
  • 80% of the patients found their buttock to be firmer and shapely soon after the treatment.
  • The most substantial increment was observed in the gluteus maximus (10.59+3.37%), the muscle enhancement showed to be uniform across all three evaluated muscles.

EMSCULPT vs. Fat Freezing

There are several options that help improve body shape through alternative techniques. Two of these are Coolsculpt and EMSCULPT. And if you are confused by which one to opt for, you are not alone. There have been several leaps in plastic surgery techniques, and these have made body contouring procedures such as Coolsculpting and EMSCULPT highly demanded minimally invasive procedures in the United States.

Liposuction is still undoubtedly the most important plastic surgery option available. However, if you want to avoid surgery, alternative options can go a long way in reducing fat and extra skin. To be able to draw a conclusion as to which is the better option, it is important to consider both cases fairly.

The Case for Fat Freezing

Coolsculpting (a brand of Cryolipolysis machine) were the pioneers in non-surgical fat reduction devices, and it has since retained its status as an option for those seeking minimally invasive body contouring results. It came into existence after Harvard researchers noticed that people exposed to extreme cold could lose some fat in specific areas of the body. Fat cells can be considered to be like elastic bands, stretching to accommodate the amount of fat you currently have. The number of fat cells you have does not change after puberty, but their size varies as you gain and lose weight over your lifetime. Fat freezing basically freezes these cells causing natural cell death and then over a period of 12 weeks, the cells are slowly eliminated from your body.

Unfortunately, fat freezing has limitations and is not suitable for all patients, especially when compared to how EMSCULPT works.

The Case for EMSCULPT

EMSCULPT helps develop muscle in the abdominal core or buttocks. This is a great complement to liposuction and or an active lifestyle. It uses HIFEM technology which is magnetism and not radiation. EMSCULPT forces supramaximal contraction of the muscle (300 times stronger than voluntary contractions), which are rhythmic but enjoyable. In four 30-minute sessions, you can get a 20% increase in muscle and a 20% reduction in fat. This is a major change in how you look while blending wellness and technology. Because of avoiding the dehydration of a full body workout, the machine flushes out the metabolic by-products. Some people like to integrate EMSCULPT with exercises such as cycling or boot camps to make the most out of their treatment, and to reach their fitness goals faster.

Which Body Contouring Device is Best, Fat Freezing or EMSCULPT?

Before we come to a conclusion on this, we must mention that this is honestly one of the most common questions plastic surgeons get. Some experts feel that Fat Freezing technology is sound but its advertising is unparalleled. The general audience is overwhelmed by the number of options available and tends to make decisions that are influenced by advertising. These decisions are often uninformed and they may not get what they expect or pay for. Physicians need to be ethical and moral when offering services to patients and maintain clarity and transparency with their patients. Patients should be made aware of the limitations and potentials of treatments.

Major points to consider

There is no single best treatment.

There are many treatment options available and if there was one best option, the others would go out of use. Doctors would no longer have many but resort to treating with one or two techniques. All patients and unique and some may require the use of multiple devices to achieve their desired aesthetic result.

Most treatments focus on fat removal, not muscle toning.

Treatments that remove fat and skin are becoming redundant and liposuction is going out of fashion. This is because the technology has been advancing as experts are turning to liposculpting that is all about making adjustments that sculpt fat and skin to give an aesthetic, athletic, and natural look that patients can identify and feel satisfied with.

Not all treatments are approved by the FDA.

Painless and non-surgical treatments are difficult, but EMSCULPT is the only one approved by the FDA to build muscle and permanently reduce fat. It integrates seamlessly to diet, lifestyle and exercise without downtime or side effects, that helps increase muscle tissue across the body and is also helpful to close diastasis after pregnancy.

What is Diastasis Recti?

Diastasis Recti is a separation of the rectus abdominis (or ab-muscles that give the appearance of six-packs). Diastasis means separation and recti refers to the rectus abdominis. Also called abdominal separation, it is the result of the separation of two large vertical bands of muscles that meet in the centre of your abdomen (rectus abdominis), from their attachment point, (linea alba) that runs down the body’s midline. It makes the belly look loose and fatty, and give the illusion of a pregnant belly.

Diastasis Recti

What Causes Diastasis Recti?

The prime function of the rectus abdominis (the largest abdominal muscle) is to help move and transfer weight through the pelvic area together with the pelvis and lower back. It is also a major part of the muscle that holds vital organs in place including the uterus and intestines.

This wall of muscles can stretch to accommodate a baby, separating from the connective tissue that binds the abs together. This is usually an occurrence in the last trimester, a commoner with bigger babies or with multiple pregnancies close together. It is not harmful and sometimes resolves after birth due to the release of pressure.

Who Is at Risk?

Two-thirds of pregnant and post-pregnancy women suffer from diastasis recti. This condition can take place in anyone.

However, the chances increase in women who’ve had frequent pregnancies, multiple babies, and repeated abdominal surgeries like C-section. Sometimes, the separation can progress to a painful hernia, due to organs poking through the abs and pushing against the skin.

It creates a distance between your rectus abdominis muscles to the left and right side and they can no longer contract effectively. In a study done with 300 mothers, about 45% had a mild case of diastasis 6 months after giving birth.

Diastasis recti occur in 33-60% of pregnant women, making the belly appear paunchy or loose. This looseness is amplified when you’re straining – from coughing, sitting up and stretching, for instance. And this disappears when you stop stressing on your abdominal muscles or when you lie down.

Having connective tissue and a gap between the recti muscles is a common phenomenon. In fact, we all have a gap of around of 2.7cm. anything more than that is considered as diastasis recti. But having a gap larger than this does not mean you should get operated to remove it.

What Can I Do About Diastasis Recti?

Diastasis recti involves the stretching of your connective tissue which is difficult to undo with normal exercises like crunches and sit-ups. In worse case scenarios, your connective tissues can stretch and move further apart thus losing its strength.

It is, however, possible to do isometric work with the transverse abdominis and overall strength training and cardiovascular exercise to eliminate diastasis recti.

There is no single best treatment of diastasis recti. Until recently there has been hardly any research and women are usually referred to as a cosmetic or plastic surgeon whose prime options are surgery.

Intensive surgical repair of diastasis recti is nothing but stitching together the abdominal wall muscles along the midline. This is troublesome and expensive if you are trying to get it covered through insurance.

This procedure may be carried out laparoscopically causing minimal incisions. However, this isn’t true for severe diastasis. The latter may need detailed abdominal surgery with deeper incisions.

In this case, it is uninsured since it falls under the category of cosmetic procedure. Those that are covered through insurance start high around $8,500.

Are there other complications for Diastasis Recti?

Health issues such as backaches, fluctuations in passing urine, abdominal pains, and pelvic or hip pains. Some women even face inconvenience during sex.

Is it avoidable?

Prevention is the best cure, and hence, try to strengthen yourself at the core before you decide to get pregnant. Once you’re pregnant, you can keep up with these core strengthening exercises all along your first trimester too.

If diastasis has begun already though, these exercises impart little to no benefits. But staying active can help prevent or reduce it to an extent. It has been scientifically proved that being active during pregnancy largely reduces the risk of diastasis recti.

Diastasis Recti and EMSCULPT

One of the great applications of the EMSCULPT machine is its applicability to help close the diastasis. The treatment can start 6 months after pregnancy and is safe during breastfeeding.

A woman who suffers from it can find that it really helps start to bring her body back to the pre-pregnancy state. It is also a good way to bring the body to tone before hitting the gym again and can lift those postpartum blues.

Is It Ever Too Late to Correct A Diastasis?

No, it is possible to use EMSCULPT to resolve diastasis even years after giving birth. There are a couple of factors which come into play as far as the result of this procedure is concerned. The severe your diastasis the longer it may take to heal.

With EMSCULPT, diastasis can be resolved. A study on the effectiveness of HIFEM is summarized here:

  • 22 patients were evaluated 2 months after four 30-min treatments.
  • Abdominal fat thickness was reduced on average by 18.6 % or 4.3 mm.
  • Abdominal muscle mass increased on average by 15.4 %, coupled with a 10.4 % average reduction in diastasis recti (the study also included patients who had not had children). A recent study of postpartum mothers was conducted and a staggering 30% improvement was recorded in diastasis recti.
  • Waist circumference decreased on average by 1.4 inches.


Another study used CT scans to test whether these results were true and found convincing evidence. The highlights of this study were:

  • 16 patients received 5-8 treatments to evaluate the effects of an extended protocol. Subjects were evaluated 1-month post-treatment.
  • Abdominal fat thickness was reduced on average by 19.2 % or 3.4 mm.
  • Simultaneously a 15.8 % increase in abdominal muscle thickness was observed, coupled with a 10.8 % reduction in diastasis recti.
  • Waist circumference decreased on average by 1.2 inches (after 4th Tx) and 1.6 inches (after the last Tx).
  • Data suggest 4 treatments as the ideal protocol.


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EMSCULPT Abdomen + Buttocks
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4 x 30 minute sessions
4 x 30 minute sessions
* Individual results may vary due to age, family history, and different skin types. Before and after images are to be used as a guide only.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does EMSCULPT compare to other treatments available on the market?

    EMSCULPT is the only procedure in the world that not only targets fat, but also simultaneously builds your muscles. All the other technologies are good, but they only treat fat. To look really great, you need to have both your fat reduced as well as your underlying muscles strengthened. Also, EMSCULPT is not based on a heating/cooling principle, so there are no risks of burns, scarring or swelling.

    Furthermore, none of the other technologies can give you a non-invasive buttock lift. Through strengthening of all your gluteal muscles, EMSCULPT established a completely new category of treatments – a non-invasive buttlift.

  • How can patients benefit from EMSCULPT?

    Firstly, EMSCULPT helps patients achieve slimmer and more athletic body contours, by reducing abdominal fat and simultaneously building the muscle foundations underneath the fat.

    Secondly, when applied to buttocks EMSCULPT gives our patients a more lifted, athletic kind of butt that they had long been wishing for. It is the only non-invasive buttock lifting procedure in the world. Patient don’t need to undergo surgery anymore to have their butts tones and lifted.

  • What is a typical treatment session like?

    The EMSCULPT device is attached to the abdomen or buttocks for 30 minutes, which is when high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy flexes your muscles 300 times their inherent capacity. The sensation is endorphin releasing, resembling a full body intense workout. If you enjoy a gym workout, the feeling is similar and leaves you on a happy note and natural high.

  • Does it Hurt?

    That is the best thing about EMSCULPT, patients say it is completely painless, the procedure feels like an intensive workout. You can lay down and relax during the treatment. The machine induces painless but exhilarating contractions in the muscle tissues, during which you can lay down and relax.



  • How Long is The Downtime? When Can You Return to Normal Exercise?

    There is no downtime with EMSCULPT. The treatment is targeted and unlike full body workouts, patients do not have the full body lactic acid production. This enables you to even exercise the very same day. Combining the treatment with a workout can enhance fat loss and you will notice your motivation increase with the complementary results from EMSCULPT.

  • Who is a poor candidate for EMSCULPT? Are there contraindications?

    Patients with significant fat stores may not be ideal candidates for EMSCULPT.  The HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electro Magnetic) energy used to power EMSCULPT penetrates to about 7 cm.  Those with thicker fat stores may not get as significant of muscle contraction, resulting in less results following treatment.

    Pregnant and nursing females should not undergo treatment with EMSCULPT.

    Women who are close to menstruation may find that it comes sooner or cramping is increased/intensified with EMSCULPT treatments, therefore we recommend not undergoing treatment during this time of the month.

    Possible contraindications to treatment include the following:

    • Metal or electronic implants in the treatment area
    • Cardiac pacemakers
    • Implanted defibrillators
    • Implanted neurostimulators
    • Drug pumps
    • Malignant tumor
    • Hemorrhagic conditions
    • Epilepsy
    • Recent surgical procedures
  • How soon can I expect to change?

    This may vary depending on your age, physical condition, BMI and many other aspects. The first treatment itself can make you feel positively different, especially for your abdomen and buttocks. However, patients have reported the best results after 4 to 6 weeks have passed since the last session. These results keep improving for up to 6 months after the initial protocol of 4 treatments is complete.



  • How Many Sessions of EMSCULPT do I Need?

    For ideal results, patients should have 4 30-minute sessions in two weeks spaced every 2-3 days.

  • Can I maintain the results?

    Maintaining the result is possible, but must include regular exercise. Several times, patients return for treatments every couple of months to retain the tone.

  • Is EMSCULPT a TENS unit?

    No, but it is the closest analogy to HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electro Magnetic) energy used to power EMSCULPT.  TENS, (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) devices, produce small amounts of battery-powered electrical energy to stimulate muscle contraction. TENS devices are used to treat pain disorders.

    EMSCULPT, on the other hand, is an extremely powerful device measured in Tesla, a measurement of magnetic induction often used to describe MRI imaging.  EMSCULPT is capable of producing supraphysiologic contraction of muscles and is exponentially more powerful than a TENS device.

  • Must I do EMSCULPT alone?

    Of course not, someone may accompany you. We can often treat two patients at once, given that the treated area is the abdomen. Since the treatment is kind of like a fitness plan, it is a good way to catch up with someone.

  • Is there an ideal candidate?

    EMSCULPT works best for people who are already active and take care of their diet and lifestyle. Despite this, they are unable to see changes and are at a plateau. Such candidates see the best results of all.

  • What is The Difference Between Fat freezing and EMSCULPTING?

    Fat freezing is an hour-long, process that kills fat cells by freezing them. The body tries to get rid of these dead cells over the next 12 weeks. Although there is not physical downtime, the treated area will be left tender and potentially bruised for approximately 2 weeks after a fat freezing treatment. EMSCULPT is a painless procedure which removes fat and builds muscle in 30 minutes without pain, redness, swelling, delivered with the most consistent results.

  • Is EMSCULPT Safe?

    EMSCULPT is FDA, TGA cleared, medical CE-marked, and represents the first innovative technology that has shown in multiple studies to treat both muscle and fat. When you come in for a consultation, the practitioner will cover how body sculpting with EMSCULPT works and discuss the unique safety pro le in detail.

    EMSCULPT uses HIFEM, which is electromagnetic energy, it has no radiations and hence is completely safe.

  • Can you give more details about the treatment experience?

    During a typical session, EMSCULPT induces supramaximal contractions in your muscles which equals to effortless, intense exercise. It is like doing a very difficult sit-up with extreme pressure on your abdomen. The energy used is magnetic and thus completely safe. There is no radiation and muscles contract much harder than voluntarily.

    The first contraction is very intense and makes you feel like you need to throw up, but there is no actual pain. It is exhilarating as if you just did a very difficult exercise set. It might be different at first, but you will eventually relax and begin to enjoy.

    During the thirty-minute EMSCULPT session, you will keep feeling that rush of endorphins from muscle contraction, at the end of which you will leave naturally happy. The feeling will be like doing highly strenuous exercise.

    The best part of this will be that it will be painless and you will not be dehydrated due to the targeted nature of the treatment.

    We must remember that no treatment is complete without physical effort, and cannot replace exercise. Even if you are at a session, remember to exercise your body. Physical exercise is beneficial to the body and health and is essential to reduce disease risk.

    EMSCULPT does, however, help you achieve your goals faster and boost your workout results. The ideal is to reach the perfect balance between the two to help you get there soon. And which is why we highly recommend giving it a thought.

    Our team at The Derm Lab, is excited to consult with and answer any queries you may have, and we look forward to helping you attain your fitness goals.

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