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LED Light Therapy

LED therapy is non-invasive, cost-effective, and has been proven to yield fantastic results for those suffering from a wide range of skin conditions from acne to wrinkles.

Underrated yet uber effective. LED will bring back your skin’s luminosity.

The skin is one of the most amazing, resilient organs of the human body. Tough as it may be, however, it is susceptible to a host of embarrassing conditions, as well as natural deterioration over time. Indeed, issues such as acne, eczema or rosacea can pop up at any moment or follow us through much of our lives.

Skin conditions can wreak havoc with our confidence and even contribute to mental health issues. While there is an array of different treatment options to combat problem skin, it can be difficult to know where to start. Topical creams often have little to no effect, whilst more invasive options can leave the skin damaged or painful.

So what’s the solution? At The Derm Lab, we offer transformative LED light therapy, also known as LED phototherapy, that may hold the key to unlocking the rejuvenated skin you’ve always dreamed of.

How does LED light therapy work?

It’s simple, really. Controlled bursts of LED light are applied to the client’s face which, to the naked eye, appear as coloured light waves. However, on a deeper level, cytokines, chemokines, and macromolecules work to boost the skin’s ability to repair itself. In this way, your skin is given the tools to heal faster when skin conditions strike.

Having been available for many years, LED skin treatment has been honed to perfection. In this way, you can rest assured that every burst of LED light you receive has been accurately measured and administered to achieve the best results.

How effective will the treatment be?

Whilst skin is an amazingly complex organ, this does not mean that it cannot be improved quickly and gently. Indeed, LED light therapy has been proven to effectively tackle fine lines, acne, and rosacea, as well as improving the overall level of collagen production. While there are other treatments out there that effectively address these issues such as IPL or laser procedures, LED therapy is different in that it is non-invasive.

LED light therapy is carried out in conjunction with a holistic facial regimen that assists the customer’s skin in healing naturally, as well as avoiding deep cell damage.

Speak to one of our experts today

Speak to one of our experts today

The Derm Lab team consists of uniquely qualified professionals who are dedicated to patients’ wellbeing. Our team consists of Cosmetic Doctors, nurses and dermal clinicians. We are committed to looking after your safety and comfort through every step of your journey with us.

  • Suitable for both men and women

    Both men and women are free to enjoy the benefits of LED light therapy. It is best for those who would like an effective treatment that is non-invasive, natural and painless, and is therefore great for those with sensitive skin.

    Before LED therapy can be carried out, we make sure to undertake a thorough analysis of the client’s skin. Once this has taken place, we will draw up a treatment plan that caters to their particular needs and skin type. It is often the case that a number of treatment sessions are necessary to achieve the required results, as well as regular maintenance appointments to ensure the skin is healing correctly.

  • Does LED light therapy hurt?

    No. One of the best things about LED light therapy is that it’s utterly painless, with many clients actually commenting on how relaxing it can be. Indeed, it creates a warm, pleasant sensation on the skin, often instilling a sense of calm in the person being treated. What’s more, the knowledge that brighter, rejuvenated skin lies at the end of the procedure can make it an even more enjoyable experience.

  • Safe, effective and cost-effective. What do you have to lose?

    LED light therapy has been developed over years of intensive research, meaning it is now one of the safest and most reliable skin treatments out there.

    Unlike more invasive options such as laser or IPL therapy, LED lights do not carry risks such as photobleaching or tissue damage. The red lights of LED therapy mainly target the chromophore – or the ‘energy centre’ of the skin cells – thereby boosting and rehydrating tired, dull skin, and promoting faster healing. The blue light, meanwhile, is fantastic for those who suffer from acne, as it destroys the bacteria associated with the development of the condition.

    Contact The Derm Lab today to find out what LED light therapy could do for you and your skin.

LED Light Therapy pricing

  • Treatment options

      • LED Light therapy facial (Includes enzymes and extractions)
      • $120
      • LED Light Therapy Facial
      • $75
  • Option add-ons

      • LED Light Therapy Add-on
      • $45

* Light Therapy Facial includes cleanse

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Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

LED Light Therapy uses light-emitting diode technology to activate and promote collagen production and increase the rate of skin cell renewal. Enhanced collagen production greatly reduces fine lines and improves the overall texture of the epidermis, resulting in a more youthful, radiant appearance.

Why should I consider LED Light Therapy?

If you’ve begun to notice slight irregularities in skin tone or the fine lines on your face are becoming more pronounced, LED Therapy could be perfect for you. This is particularly beneficial for targeting acne and breakouts and promoting the healing of your skin.

What does LED Light Therapy involve?

This form of skin treatment is simple and pain-free. Like most people, you will probably find it both pleasant and wonderfully relaxing. You will be asked to lay back and relax with your eyes closed, wearing gentle eye protection. We will then place the LED panels around the treatment area and let the light do its rejuvenating work.

What results should I expect?

As the treatment stimulates collagen and elastin, your skin should feel tighter and firmer. Any fine lines will diminish in appearance, as well as blemishes and acne. Overall, the treatment should result in a younger, more radiant-looking you. If you suffer from acne in particular you will see a noticeable decrease in any redness and inflammation.

Is LED Light Therapy treatment painful?

No. Your skin will warm very slightly, as that is how the treatment works. It is not painful.

How long do the effects of LED Light Therapy treatment last?

The effects of LED Light Therapy will likely last for a very long time. However, it is not a miracle cure that freezes your skin in place for all eternity.

How many LED Light Therapy treatments will I need to get the desired effect?

Generally, 6 to 12 visits are recommended. We will develop an individualised treatment program for you when you come in. It is beneficial to book maintenance sessions after your initial course has run out, as your skin will still age.

I have very dark skin. Can I get LED Light Therapy treatment?

Absolutely. LED Light Therapy has benefits and is safe to use on all skin types.