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truSculpt iD™

Health, fitness and wellbeing is an accepted and sought-after part of our lives and along with it is a desire to achieve that perfect figure. However, there is only so much that you can do with exercise. Many times, your exercise regime can take you to a level of fitness beyond which it plateaus for a long time.

To help you move past this stagnation point faster, aesthetic therapies are now available for you. One brilliant upcoming technology is truSculpt iD™. This is an innovative way to permanently sculpt your body without using any invasive procedures. Surprised this is possible? Read on to know more!


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What is truSculpt iD™?

What is truSculpt iD™?

Of recent, there is a rise in the number of aesthetic procedures conducted for body sculpting and contouring. To provide a revolutionary solution to your needs, Cutera has developed truSculpt iD™

truSculpt iD™ is a powerful, non-invasive, monopolar radio frequency platform that is personalized and can be used handsfree or handheld to provide the best solution for you. This means that it can be customized to suit your needs perfectly.

The monopolar radiofrequency penetrates deep into the fat tissue and can target it completely.

The truSculpt iD™ Process

A complimentary consultation will assist to determine if truSculpt iD™ is appropriate for you.

If you choose to proceed:


What kind of conditions can be treated with truSculpt iD™?

If you are looking to getting rid of fat that is resistant to diet and exercise, you might have reached a plateau in your fitness.

In such a situation, truSculpt iD™ can help you get rid of that stubborn fat. It is clinically proven to remove fat cells in the abdomen and flanks permanently. It does not matter what your weight or BMI are, because anyone can opt for truSculpt iD™.

Some of the reasons that patients turn to us for this treatment are:

  • Patients that aren't suitable for Cryolipolysis due to taught or fibrous fat pad
  • Reduces skin laxity
  • Sculpts areas that you cannot target with exercise and other treatments
  • Versatile, treats different densities of tissue
  • Customizable and flexible
  • Zero down time

What should I know about truSculpt iD™?

How long does the treatment take, and how many sessions will I need?

Most patients require only one treatment session per area, and in one session, up to 6 areas can be treated. This is just within 15 minutes, and you can return to normal activities immediately!

How soon can I see results?

Fat burning is a long process, but you will see firmer, even-toned and even-textured skin right after your session. The fat cells themselves will be slowly removed over a period of time as your body metabolizes and discards them. You can expect results optimally at 12 weeks but most patients see results at 6-8 weeks after their treatment.

Does it hurt?

Absolutely not. Many patients feel no sense of discomfort. Some may experience a feeling of warmth that can be a little intense in the beginning. However, this can also be pleasant like a warm stone massage.

In the case that it is unpleasant to begin with, you will adjust to the heat in the next few minutes. And in the event that it does get very uneasy for you, you can communicate this with us and we will adjust the intensity to make sure your comfort comes first.

Who should avoid this treatment?

Although truSculpt iD™ is not the most restrictive treatment available, there are still some conditions that make patients unsuitable. If you have poor abdominal wall tone, are fitted with a pacemaker, are currently pregnant or breastfeeding, or have metal implants in the area to be treated, please avoid truSculpt iD™. Discuss your options with your therapist.

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* Individual results may vary

Why should you pick truSculpt iD over other treatments?

This treatment can treat a much larger area than its contemporaries in a much shorter time frame. Additionally, it is painless and you can return to normal activity the same day.

truSculpt iD™ is also a procedure that isn’t restrictive against obese and morbidly obese people. Such patients can benefit from the procedure without worries. It can help achieve up to 35% of fat reduction over the course of a single treatment.

It tightens the skin through stimulating collagen. Perhaps the best part of the treatment is that it can target virtually all areas of the body that require fat-reduction!

Treatable Areas:

truSculpt iD is designed for use on various parts of the body, in areas both large and small, and can even help sculpt challenging areas such as the arms and inner thighs:

  • Abdomen / lower stomach
  • Flanks / love handles
  • Back
  • Upper arms
  • Under the chin (submental fat)
  • Under the jawline (submandibular fat)
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Full legs / thighs
  • Mons pubis
  • Banana roll / buttock roll


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