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Can I do Laser Hair Removal While Pregnant?

Can I have laser hair removal while pregnant?


When it comes to pregnancy, there is often a list of things you suddenly can and cannot do. You’re probably wondering whether you can use laser hair removal to get rid of all those hairs for lazy days by the pool in summer. Don’t worry, we have the answers. This guide will take you through the technicalities associated with laser hair removal while pregnant, and alternative treatments you can use too.

What is laser hair removal?

Let’s begin with some consideration into what the process of laser hair removal entails.

“Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that makes use of a powerful laser to remove any unwanted hair from the body. The light source used destroys hair follicles in the skin by heating them, which disrupts the growth of hair. Common areas of treatment include the face, arms, legs, underarms and bikini line.”

One of the side effects of pregnancy, alongside weight gain, possible stretch marks, and glowing skin, is increased hair growth. Whilst we all love the idea of increased hair growth on our heads (resulting in beautiful long locks!), when it comes to an increase in hair growth across the rest of our body, on areas such as the chest, face, stomach, back, and breasts, it can feel a little more frustrating.

Don’t worry, this increased hair growth is completely normal due to hormones. Even if you’ve had laser hair removal treatments before, you may experience an increase in hair growth. However, this will be new hair growth that has been stimulated as a result of hormonal changes and not the hairs that were originally removed by the laser treatment.

You will typically find that this increase in hair will return to normal after pregnancy and once all of your hormones have returned to pre-pregnancy levels.

Can I use laser hair removal while pregnant?

Currently there is no scientific proof that laser hair removal can have a negative effect on a fetus, however, there is no evidence to support that it’s safe. The laser that is used is typically industry standard and therefore it’s often advised that you avoid laser hair removal treatments during pregnancy. Laser hair removal is okay for those who are trying to fall pregnant, but as soon as you find out you are pregnant, the treatment will need to be paused until you’ve had the baby.

Other alternative treatments

Just because you can’t use laser hair removal whilst pregnant, doesn’t mean there aren’t other effective ways of removing hair. Some alternatives are listed below;


When pregnant, you may find that your skin starts to react differently to the process. This is because your skin will experience increased sensitivity. You can rectify this by ensuring you use a soothing lotion prior to waxing and after you wax as it will help decrease any stinging and burning. It may also help to reduce irritation, prevent infection, and reduce any redness that waxing could cause.

It’s always best to check with your doctor before waxing as there could be a specific reason that waxing isn’t recommended for pregnancy. Some women find that waxing is more effective and much easier than the use of creams.


The main concern with creams during pregnancy is the active ingredients – calcium thioglycolate and barium sulfide powder. There’s currently no evidence to suggest that they’re harmful during pregnancy, but again, no proof that they are not harmful. As with all cosmetic products, it’s important to test it beforehand with a patch on your skin to see how your body reacts.

If you’d like to find out more about laser hair removal services for after your pregnancy, check out The Derm Lab today!

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