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Can you have laser have laser tattoo removal while pregant?

As soon as you become pregnant, all of the precautions start rolling in to ensure mum and bubs health and safety for the next nine months! From what you should or shouldn’t eat, the types of exercises you should or shouldn’t do, and other more particular lifestyle changes that might not be such an obvious consideration when it comes to the safety and wellbeing of your baby. One not so common, but ultra-important consideration is whether you can have laser tattoo removal while pregnant. Perhaps you were already planning on having it done prior to finding out you were expecting, or it might be something you were hoping to organise before the arrival of your baby, either way, we are here to discuss!

Along with laser hair removal, there is currently no definitive research out there that suggests laser tattoo removal can be harmful to the baby during pregnancy. But, in the same breath, that also means that there is no conclusive research out there to concur that there are no risks and it is 100% safe. As the lasers used in these treatments and typically industry standard, it is often advised that this type of treatment is postponed until after you have given birth. It is important to consult with your GP and with your chosen tattoo removal professional to discuss the treatment process in-depth, and any important factors that may be more prevalent during and after pregnancy. One major factor that will need to be taken into consideration is the increased photosensitivity that is experienced during pregnancy. This means that your skin becomes much more sensitive to light, and therefore increases the risk of severe burns by the laser during treatment. Some blistering and cracking of the skin is also possible, which then may increase the risk of infection.

There are other treatments available that claim to provide tattoo removal outcomes, but ultimately, they all come with their own set of severe risks, or outrageous pitfalls:

Tattoo Removal Creams: These creams essentially bleaching agents used to bleach or lighten your tattoo and your skin. Some reports have also shown cancer-causing ingredients in these specific creams.

– Dermabrasion: Dermabrasion is usually just to treat the outer layers of the skin, whereas tattoo pigments are embedded deeper into the skin than that; this means that due to the harsher treatment method, this can produce scarring, skin discolouration, and possibly infection.

– Chemical Peels: Chemical peels are used to rejuvenate the skin through chemical exfoliation. Most dermatologists and skin professionals don’t offer this treatment to remove tattoo’s as it doesn’t penetrate the skin deep enough to be effective. Some companies offer acids online for people to apply at home themselves, but these options are often very unsafe and can cause infection and scarring when used by someone without professional training.

While the treatment research is still uncertain, and the alternative options are so risky, in our opinion, it is best to wait until after pregnancy before considering tattoo removal. At a time where the health of your body and your growing child is paramount, we believe that considering the treatment post-pregnancy and having the treatment completed in a clinic by a trained professional is the only way to ensure your safety and a successful outcome.

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