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Things You Need to Know Before You Remove Body Hair

Contemporary trends mean that hair removal is a priority for both men and women. Although women are traditionally seen as the sex in which as little body hair as possible is seen as desirable, increasing interest in male grooming and a desire to remove unwanted hair on the chest, back or shoulders means that many men are also looking for an effective method of hair removal.

On most occasions removing hair is a straight-forward procedure which has few side effects, if the wrong method is chosen, or a person has a particular sensitivity to the hair removal method being employed, there is a possibility of considerable skin irritation both during and after the hair removal process. To maximise the chances of making the right choice when it comes to body hair removal, we’ve highlighted a number of key considerations which need to be taken into account.

How much hair do you wish to remove?

The method which is suitable for a few stray hairs is not necessarily going to be right for removing an entire chest’s worth of hair! For small areas or the odd hair, tweezing the offering hairs out is probably the easiest, cheapest and most effective method. If you have larger areas of hair, waxing, shaving or laser hair removal may be more appropriate. It’s worth bearing in mind how accessible your hirsute area might be. Whilst arms, legs and the bikini line can easily be shaved or waxed, hair on the shoulders, neck, back or buttocks may well need to be lasered.

How frequently do you want to remove your body hair?

Controlling body hair takes time! Unless you opt for electrolysis, which destroys single hair follicles one by one, hair will grow back no matter which other method you use. Shaving is a quick and cheap hair removal method, but hairs will often regrow within a few days, so frequent “top up” shaves are required. Waxing may last for a few weeks, but regrowth can be vigorous. Waxing may also result in significant irritation, as well as causing the area to itch during the regrowth period. Hair removed by depilatory cream usually takes a week or two to grow back, but many people find the application process, as well as the cost and the smell of the cream, off-putting. For many people, laser hair removal is the preferred option: not only is it often several months before the hairs grow back, but they tend to grow back more finely and thinly, reducing their visibility.

Price is always a consideration

Obviously, laser hair removal is costlier than buying a razor or some waxing strips. That said, many people prefer it because of the convenience, speed and effectiveness of the procedure. Once the sessions have been completed, most people don’t have to bother with any hair removal for several months. Not only is this frequently preferable to bi-weekly shaving or similar, it may well work out as a more economical option in the longer term.

Laser hair removal – fast, comfortable and effective

At The Derm Lab, we offer a complete laser hair removal solution suitable for almost any part of the body. Our fully trained and experienced team are available to provide hair removal that’s simple, well-tolerated and frequently delivers long-lasting results. If you want an efficient option for hair removal that’s relatively painless and which, with a few sessions, can last for months, laser removal could be exactly what you’re looking for. Get in touch to find out more about laser hair removal and the benefits it can bring in comparison with other methods of body hair removal.

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