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Fat freezing vs. truSculpt iD

Fat reduction is quite an important aspect of being healthy and toning down your body to gain a fitter and leaner look. Bulky abdomen fat can be the gateway to multiple health disorders in the long run like cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, and shortness of breath.

It can interfere with your immunity, agility, and overall muscle strength. Abdomen fat, when exceeds a certain limit, is quite difficult to tone down with just exercises and diet alone. Here is when fat reduction treatments step in.

These not just help you get rid of the fat in a safe and effective manner but also give you a toned and lean look. This, in turn, goes on to improve your health and muscle mass in the long run.

What is fat freezing?

As the name suggests, fat freezing is nothing but subjecting your fat cells to cryolipolysis. This freezes your fat cells which are eventually broken down by the liver and excreted from your body. It is an effective form of body contouring which works well for abdominal fat. Fat freezing is also known as Cool Sculpting. 

However, one of the rare but major long-term side-effects of fat freezing is paradoxical adipose hyperplasia which can’t be overlooked. In this case, the the treated area enlarges and bulges instead of reducing in size. It eventually becomes a big, bulky, painless mass of fat which rests just below your skin. But it is still quite a rare occurrence.

What is truSculpt iD?

Contrary to fat freezing, truSculpt iD works on the phenomenon of fat melting. It uses the Monopolar focused Radio Frequency technology to breakdown fat cells. It imparts heat to the area subjected to treatment which is in tandem with your normal body temperature.

Apart from mild redness directly after the treatment which subsides within hours, truSculpt iD exclusively free of side-effects and long-term health hazards. Unlike fat freezing, truSculpt iD can be carried out on most areas of the body to address fat deposits.

Which of the two is better? truSculpt iD or Fat Freezing?

Pain and discomfort:

Pain and nausea are reportedly completely absent as far as truSculpt iD is concerned. Some individuals might face swelling of the skin depending on the sensitivity of their skin, but most people don’t.

In the case of fat freezing, it is common to experience pain and discomfort while undergoing the treatment. Nausea and welling of the skin also occur occasionally. In addition to that, this swelling lasts for up to 3 weeks in fat freezing.

Time consumption:

TruSculpt iD takes 15 minutes for a single cycle. Since there is absolutely no pain afterward, you can go about your daily affairs without feeling a pinch. On the other hand, fat freezing takes 60 – 70minutes per cycle.

You might have to set aside an entire day to undergo a session of fat freezing especially since there is some pain, nausea, and swelling in most cases.

Adverse after-effects:

Short-term side effects for both types of treatments include swelling, pain, and redness. Fat freezing might result in certain long-term side effects like neuropathic pain, delayed onset pain and paradoxical adipose, hyperplasia which causes overgrowth of fat cells. However, there are absolutely no reported long-term side-effects for truSculpt iD.

Economically apt:

Fat freezing costs anywhere from $1200-$2000 for the entire abdomen whereas TruSculpt iD costs on average $1800 for the same area of treatment.

Also, since there are no long-term side effects in the case of truSculpt iD, it even cut costs on symptomatic treatment in the days that follow.

Level of effectiveness:

Fat freezing has about 22% while TruSculpt iD imparts well above 24% permanent fat reduction. TruSculpt iD can be carried out on any part of the body whereas fat freezing is only limited to certain areas depending on the design of the applicator and suitability of the patients ‘pinchable’ fat deposit.

In addition to fat reduction, TruSculpt iD works in tightening the skin and is also equally effective for people with BMI above 30. The same cannot be yet said for fat freezing.

Summing it up:

It is clear with the above-mentioned the multiple advantages that TruSculpt iD works better than fat freezing in all aspects. There is less discomfort during treatment, the duration of the treatment is relatively shorter, there are no long-term effects,

In addition to being economically apt, TruSculpt iD even has a slightly higher rate of effectiveness. Therefore, if you’re looking for a treatment method to get rid of the fat and flab around your abdomen, TrueSculpt iD is the way to go!

The Derm Lab has quite a remarkable reputation when it comes to rendering TruSculpt iD treatment for fat reduction.

Book your appointment with us today to get a detailed insight into your condition and to reduce your abdominal fat in the healthiest and most effective manner possible.

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