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Choosing Among Cooltech, CLATUU and CoolSculpting

Fat removal is becoming an increasingly safe and effective practice as technology advances, and there are now plenty of options available to those looking to shift pesky pockets of excess fat. While liposuction used to be the only real choice for those hoping to undergo such a procedure, fat freezing (or cryolipolysis) techniques have opened up a world of minimally invasive and natural procedures.

There are a number of varying treatments that fall under the category of fat freezing, and choosing the right one for you can be a confusing choice. As such, we’ve weighed up the pros and cons of both treatments to illustrate what you can expect from both.


What exactly is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive technology designed to remove unwanted fat cells from underneath a patient’s skin. During the procedure, a transparent gel pad is placed on the area that needs treatment in order to protect the skin. An applicator is then placed on the area and a vacuum is turned on, allowing the unwanted bulge of fat to be sucked up into a cooling panel, which numbs the area. The fat cells under the skin freeze, while avoiding damage to the nerves, skin or muscle.

Typically, a person will undergo this procedure a few times over several weeks to achieve the best results possible. Following the treatment, the body will eliminate the dead and frozen fat cells via the liver, potentially shrinking the unwanted areas of fat by around 20-25%.

What are the pros of CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is relatively low-risk in that it is non-invasive and has only very minor side effects. There is also little to no recovery time involved, and it is a great option for those who cannot undergo surgery. CoolSculpting also comes with a special chin applicator for those who find this area troublesome.

What are the cons of CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is relatively expensive compared to other types of fat removal with a standard applicator generally costing in excess of $800. What’s more, only one area can be treated at a time, meaning those who have a number of fat pockets they would like to be treated will find the procedure time-consuming and costly. CoolSculpting is also the only brand of Cryolipolysis machine to have reported cases of PAH or paradoxical adipose hyperplasia – a hardened area of localized fat which develops after a CoolSculpting treatment. This is extremely rare and the odds are 1 in 20,000 patients.


What is CLATUU and how is it different from CoolSculpting?

CLATUU is a cryolipolysis treatment that achieves a permanent reduction in fat cells under the skin by freezing them in a similar way to CoolSculpting. It is generally considered to be a more advanced treatment than CoolSculpting thanks to its propensity for precision and its affordability. Indeed, CLATUU’s accurate 360-degree cooling handpieces allow for a more even cooling procedure across the body than CoolSculpting, offering long-lasting and noticeable results by reducing unwanted areas of fat by 25-30%.

What are the pros of CLATUU?

CLATUU is time-efficient as its dual headpieces allow for the treatment of two areas at a time. It cools the area 30% faster than CoolSculpting, while retaining all of its predecessor’s low-risk and non-invasive perks. CLATUU is also cheaper than CoolSculpting, making it a frontrunner for many who do not have a big budget.

What are the cons of CLATUU?

For all of its perks, there are no under-chin treatments available with CLATUU, meaning that those who would like to address this area will have to stick to CoolSculpting.


What is Cooltech and how is it different from CLATUU and CoolScuplting?

Like CLATUU, Cooltech is a cryolipolysis treatment, also referred to as fat freezing. It is available with over 8 applicators, all uniquely shaped, allowing for treatments to take place all over the body, so fat deposits can be removed from whichever location you desire. Like CLATUU, Cooltech has a dual handle, so two fat deposits can be targeted in one treatment.

What are the pros of Cooltech?

Thanks to its applicators, Cooltech can treat virtually any stubborn fat deposits, including locations such as the chin, knee and chest area. Results will usually become noticeable in as little time as two weeks. Unlike CoolScuplting, Cooltech doesn’t charge a licensing fee so it is more cost efficient, and the results are often smoother and more natural.

What are the cons of Cooltech?

The treatment is minimally invasive with limited pain, but mild swelling, redness or tenderness may be experienced the first day after the procedure. These side effects are manageable, however, as massaging will reduce the redness, and you can return to your day-to-day activities after the treatment.

Round-up: Which is the better treatment?

Both CoolSculpting and CLATUU represent great ways to remove unwanted fat in a way that is safe, cost-effective and relatively painless. Ultimately, however, CLATUU is the more advanced technology of the two, as well as the cheaper option, making it the go-to treatment for a majority of those who would like to enjoy the benefits of cryolipolysis. For cryolipolysis treatment in slightly more unorthodox places, however, Cooltech may be the best option, thanks to its versatility in application areas. Both Cooltech and CLATUU can target two areas at once and offer more affordable, natural results than CoolSculpting.

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